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Martial Arts Education Prize


Call for Candidates for the 2024 UNESCO ICM Martial Arts Education Prize

ADMIN 2024.03.18

Call for Candidates for

the 2024 UNESCO ICM Martial Arts Education Prize

The International Centre of Martial Arts for Youth Development and Engagement under the auspices of UNESCO (ICM) aims to select and award a winner for the UNESCO ICM Martial Arts Education Prizeamong candidates who have contributed to positive social changes through martial arts training activities. We look forward to your active participation.


March 2024


Secretary General, ICM

Candidacy Criteria
Individual, group or organization who has contributed in one of these areas:

- Helping youth overcome underprivileged circumstances through martial arts education;

  - Improving women’s rights and enhancing women’s social engagement through martial arts education for women;

  - Creating a safe environment in local communities through martial arts education activities;

  - Contributing to ensuring that the socially-underprivileged build self-reliance while overcoming hardships through martial arts education.


Qualified Nominator
A letter of recommendation is mandatory from one of the below organizations

- Organizations relevant to UNESCO
· UNESCO National Commissions, Chairs, UNITWIN Networks, Category I and II Centers, and international networks in an official partnership with UNESCO through authorization or agreements

- governmental or non-governmental organizations

- organization in the field of martial arts and sports, etc.


Prize & Award Ceremony

- Winner: 1 individual or group or organization

- Prizes: prize certificate, cash prize of USD 10,000, and a trophy

- Award ceremony date: during October, 2024

- Award ceremony location: ICM (Chungju City, Republic of Korea)

Ceremony date and location are subject to change depending on circumstances. Winner may be asked to give a presentation on their martial arts education good practices during the ceremony, and will be responsible for cooperating in the production of a promotional material on martial arts education by providing photo or video materials, or participating in interviews, etc.



- Submissions open on WED 20 March to MON 20 May, 2024, 24:00 KST (Korea Standard Time)

- Submit the required documents though the online application page on

- List of required documents All documents shall be submitted in English or Korean
· Letter of Recommendation: download the attached form, fill up and submit the file
· Summary of Candidate’s Contribution: download the attached form, fill up, and submit the file (maximum of 330 words)
· Evidentiary Materials: upload maximum of 10 materials as evidence to support your activities or programmes (e.g. official documents, project plans, photos, videos, publications, website, etc.)


Selection Criteria (Screening Committee)

- Contribution: developing and changing the target audience, including socially vulnerable people, etc. through systemized and effective martial arts education

- Innovation: distinctive characteristics through new thinking, and reflecting social trend and recent status

- Sustainability: enhanced applicability and sustainability through program evaluation and improvements, and lasting social and individual impact

- Overall Assessment: consideration of the candidate’s situation, potential, expected outcomes, etc.


Selection Process

Open Call

Document Screening

Committee Screening

Public Verification

March ~ May




Candidates may be required to submit additional materials or answer inquiries during the process.

     Please be informed that the above 'Public Verification' will not take place, and instead an award ceremony will take place in October. 



        - UNESCO ICM International Cooperation Team (+82 43 845 8864,

※ Please refer to the attachments for more information.