Regulations on the Selection of the UNESCO ICM
Martial Arts Education Prize Winner

Regulations on the Selection of the UNESCO ICM Martial Arts Education Prize Winner

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these Regulations on the Selection of the UNESCO ICM Martial Arts Education Prize Winner (hereinafter these “Regulations”) is to set forth the criteria and procedures for selecting the winner of the UNESCO ICM Martial Arts Education Prize (hereinafter the “Prize”) to be bestowed by the International Centre of Martial Arts for Youth Development and Engagement under the auspices of UNESCO (hereinafter the “ICM”).

Article 2 (Definition)

The Prize refers to the prize to be granted to an individual, group or organization who has made a significant contribution to the development and social engagement of youths and women through martial arts training activities in accordance with the selection criteria under Article 3.

Article 3 (Qualification of Candidates)

(1) The winner of the Prize shall be selected through an examination by the Prize Selection and Screening Committee (hereinafter the “Screening Committee”) in accordance with any of the qualifications in the following subparagraphs:

  • 1. Helping youth to overcome underprivileged circumstances through martial arts education;
  • 2. Improving women’s rights and enhances women’s social engagement through martial arts education for women;
  • 3. Creating a safe environment in local communities through martial arts education activities;
  • 4. Contributing to ensuring that the socially-underprivileged build self-reliance while overcoming hardships through martial arts education.

(2) The Prize shall be bestowed to any martial art practitioner, group or organization from around the world, regardless of age, gender and religion, and in the event that a departed martial arts practitioner is selected posthumously, the Prize shall be granted to the winner’s spouse, lineal descendant or lineal ascendant, in the said order.

Article 4 (Announcement of the Prize, Nomination of Candidates, etc.)

(1) The Secretary General of the ICM (hereinafter the “Secretary General”) shall publish the “Announcement of Selection of the Prize Winner” on the ICM website in the first half of every year in accordance with the UNESCO ICM Martial Arts Education Prize Presentation Plan (hereinafter the “Presentation Plan”) and receive candidate nominations for the Prize.
(2) The candidates set forth in Paragraph (1) above shall be nominated by any UNESCO organization, the government, any NGO, or any martial arts and sports organization, and each nomination shall be prepared using Form 1 attached hereto.

Article 5 (Document Screening by the Working-level Screening Group)

(1) The Secretary General shall establish a working-level screening group for the assessment of the nomination form, which may include relevant experts in martial arts, sports, education and area studies.
(2) The working-level screening group shall scrutinize the eligibility of the nominating organization, the validity of achievements, the authenticity of the information in the documents submitted during document screening, etc., then prepare a list of candidates to be submitted to the Screening Committee. It may also ask any nominating organization or any candidate under screening to supplement the screening materials by submitting additional materials or answering questions in writing.

Article 6 (Screening by the Screening Committee)

(1) In order to select the winner of the Prize, the ICM shall form the Screening Committee whose members consist of persons set forth in the following subparagraphs:

  • 1. The Secretary General;
  • 2. 1 director of the ICM;
  • 3. 1 expert on martial arts and sports;
  • 4. 1 expert on youth- and women-related areas; and
  • 5. 1 expert on education and area studies.

(2) The Screening Committee shall evaluate the candidates listed by the working-level screening group through the document screening process and select the winner(s).
(3) The chair of the Screening Committee shall be appointed from among the committee members, and all decisions shall be made by a majority of the registered committee members in presence and a majority voting affirmative.
(4) An allowance may be paid to any committee member who participates in the Screening Committee within the allocated budget.

Article 7 (Presentation of Prize and Accompanying Rewards)

The Prize is presented once a year with a cash prize of USD 10,000, a prize certificate and a medal. The date and venue of the presentation ceremony shall be determined when establishing the business plan for the relevant year.

Article 8 (Specific Matters)

Any other specific matters required for the enforcement of these Regulations shall be separately determined by the Secretary General.


Article 1 (Date of Enforcement)

These Regulations shall enter into force on the date of resolution by the Governing Board.