MA Edu. Prize

The International Centre of Martial Arts for Youth Development and Engagement under the auspices of UNESCO(ICM) was established in 2017 by an Agreement between the UNESCO and the Republic of Korea regarding the ICM (Category 2) having its mission in contributing to a well-being and cohesive humanity through martial arts. Since establishment, ICM has made special efforts on nurturing leadership skills and encouraging social engagement of youth and women by providing martial arts capacity building programmes and conducting martial arts research.

In this context, this year, ICM has launched the ⌜UNESCO-ICM 2021 Martial Arts Education Prize⌟ to collect and promote good practices of martial arts education(MA Edu.). Honouring outstanding contributions made by individuals or organizations who have delivered positive changes through MA Edu,, the prize aims to raise awareness on values and importance of MA Edu. to the public around the world.

We look forward to your active participation.

Who is eligible to apply?

Individuals or organizations who have contributed to one or more of the following development areas through MA Edu.

  • Empowering youth/women to overcome adversities
  • Encouraging social engagement of youth/women
  • Securing communities’ safe and inclusive environment
  • Other contributions made for positive social changes


12 July ~ 20 August (24:00, KST)

How to Apply?

Submit the required documents via the online application(www.icmprize.org)

Required documents

  • Application form:
    Download the application form
    Duly fill in the application form and upload it to the online application.
  • Supporting documents:
    Upload maximum 5 of documents that can support your activities or programmes (e.g. videos, photos, publications etc.)
  • Letter of recommendation:
    Upload a letter of recommendation signed by a representative of relevant organizations/institutions.

National Commissions for UNESCO or Martial arts/Sport organizations that can provide credibility of your activities/programmes.

Prize winner/Award

1 person(or an organization) / USD 10,000, a diploma and a medal

Selection criteria

  • (Contribution) The activities/programmes should deliver positive changes that can be measured in quantity or quality.
  • (Innovation) The activities/programmes should harness innovative methodologies and ideas to develop MA Edu.
  • (Sustainability) The duration of the activities/programmes’ operation will be taken into consideration as well as the sustainability of the activiteis/programmes and adaptability of the acitivities/programmes to other cases/circumstances.

Selection Process

  • Call for

    (12 Jul ~ 20 Aug)

  • 1st screening


  • Final screening


  • Announcement

    (18 Oct)

  • Prize ceremony


For any inquiries regarding the UNESCO-ICM MA Edu. Prize, please contact the International Cooperation Team at ICM Secretariat:
(Tel) +82-43-845-8865 (E-mail) icmprize@unescoicm.org / shh0820@unescoicm.org