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Martial Arts Education Prize


Call for Candidates for the 2022 UNESCO ICM Martial Arts Education Prize

ADMIN 2022.06.20

UNESCO ICM aims to select and award a winner for the UNESCO ICM Martial Arts Education Prizeamong candidates who have made significant contribution to the development and social engagement of youths and women through martial arts training activities. We look forward to your active participation.


22 June 2022

Secretary General of UNESCO ICM


○ Individual, group or organization who has made significant contribution through martial arts training activities in accordance with one of the following criteria

 - Helping youth to overcome underprivileged circumstances through martial arts education;

 - Improving women’s rights and enhances women’s social engagement through martial arts education for women;

 - Creating a safe environment in local communities through martial arts education activities;

 - Contributing to ensuring that the socially-underprivileged build self-reliance while overcoming hardships through martial arts education.

 Individual, group or organization who can submit a Letter of Recommendation from relevant organizations/institutions* and submit supporting materials

 * Organizations relevant to UNESCO(UNESCO National Commissions, Chairs and UNITWIN networks, Category I and II centers, an international network that is in an official partner of UNESCO through authorization or agreements),

   Governmental or Non-governmental organizations, organizations in the field of martial arts and sports

 Individual, group or organization who can provide photo or video materials for the production of a promotional video when selected

- Video will be produced within 1~2 months after the winner is announced


Submitting Period

 22 June ~ 17 August 2022 24:00 KST



How to Apply

 Submit the required documents on the online application form(

 Required Documents

- Letter of Recommendation: Download the attached form, fill it up and submit the file

- Supporting Documents: Upload maximum of 10 materials as evidence to support your activities or programmes (e.g. official documents, project plans, photos, videos, publications, website, etc.)


Prize & Award Ceremony

 Nomination: 1 individual or group or organization

 Prize: cash prize of USD 10,000, prize certificate, medal

 Ceremony Date: During November, 2022 (Subject to change depending on circumstances)

 Ceremony Location: Invitation to UNESCO ICM, Chungju City, Republic of Korea

  (Subject to change depending on circumstances; if invited for the ceremony a brief tour may be scheduled)


Selection Criteria

 Contribution(Outcome·Result): How much contribution has been made for the targets of martial arts education in terms of development and change

 Innovation: How much innovation through new thinking has been made in terms of targets/objectives or process/measures

 Sustainability: How much the activity can be sustained and not end at once, and how much the activity can be applied to other areas/organizations

 Collective Assessment: Collective assessment considering the situation, condition, field circumstances, etc. of the candidate or activity.


Selection Process

Open Calls

Document Screening

by Working-level

Committee Screening, Inform of Results

Award Ceremony

22 June ~

17 August 2022

Late August ~

Mid September

Late September

During November

During the screening process, candidates may be required to submit additional materials, and answer questions in writing.



 UNESCO ICM International Cooperation Team (+82 43 845 8864,,